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Legend Japan is the official site of the Kyoto Tourism Federation, Public Interest Incorporated Association (hereafter, this site). It serves as a medium for the distribution of tourist information on matters and events within Kyoto Prefecture as a means of promoting tourism and vitalizing the region. It is entirely administered and managed by the Kyoto Tourism Federation (hereafter, this Federation). Emphasis is placed on making material published on it timely, easy to understand, and easy to use. We strive to provide information from each city, town, and village, from tourism associations, and from members of this Federation presented from the users’ standpoint. The following are our other policies.

Copyrights on each and all items of information carried on this site (text, photographs, illustrations, etc.) are the objects of copyrights owned by this Federation or third parties and are protected by law.
Reproduction, use, conversion, sales, or alteration of material on this site without permission are prohibited except when within the limits permitted by copyright laws for such acts as private use, quotations, and so on.
Though all efforts are taken to ensure that material published on this site is accurate, this site accepts no responsibility for any user action whatsoever based on that material.
This site includes links to third-party sites outside this Federation but accepts no responsibility for material contained on those third-party sites or for ways users employ such material.
Information contained on this site may be changed, corrected, or deleted without prior notification.
As a rule, the link to this site is authorized by this Federation to members of this Federation and to organizations related to this Federation. Refer to this federation for further details.
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