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Time Required from Major Train Stations

  From Kyoto Station From Shin-Osaka Station From Shin-Kobe Station From Himeji Station
Yonago 3hrs 20min 3hrs 2hrs 45min 2hrs 30min
Kurayoshi 3hrs 30min 3hrs 2hrs 20min 2hrs
Tottori 2hrs 55min 2hrs 30min 1hr 50min 1hr 30min
Hamasaka 3hrs 20min 3hrs 40min 3hrs 20min 2hrs 30min
Kinosaki Onsen 2hrs 30min 2hrs 40min 2hrs 30min 1hr 45min
Wadayama 1hr 50min 2hrs 1hr 55min 1hr
Fukuchiyama 1hr 10min 1hr 40min 1hr 55min 1hr 30min
Miyazu 1hr 35min 2hrs 5min 2hrs 20min 1hr 55min
Nishi-Maizuru 1hr 20min 1hr 35min 1hr 50min 2hrs 10min

Time Required from Major Airports by Train

  From Kansai International Airport From Narita International Airport From Yonago Kitaro Airport
Yonago 3hrs 50min 6hrs 35min 30hrs min
Kurayoshi 3hrs 50min 6hrs 30min 1hr
Tottori 3hrs 20min 5hrs 55min 1hr 30min
Hamasaka 4hrs 30min 7hrs 15min 2hrs 15min
Kinosaki Onsen 3hrs 30min 6hrs 15min 3hrs 10min
Wadayama 2hrs 50min 5hrs 35min 3hrs 45min
Fukuchiyama 2hrs 30min 5hrs 15min 4hrs 15min
Miyazu 2hrs 55min 5hrs 40min 4hrs 40min
Nishi-Maizuru 2hrs 25min 5hrs 10min 4hrs 45min

※The times listed above are approximate and are the shortest total times using a combination of the Shinkansen, express and limited express trains.Times may vary according to the operating status and type of train you ride.(Does not include transfer time.) (As of January 2016)

Shortest time from each station(Times are approximate.) (Not actual geographical relationships.)

Shortest time from each station